Your stories

Our service has helped many people improve their quality of life by supporting them with overcoming their depression and anxiety. Please click on the boxes below to read a small sample of anonymous feedback from clients who have completed therapy with us.

“I felt listened to in a safe space where I felt I could be myself and open. My therapist was patient and I really valued the work we have completed together. It has made a huge difference in my life and given the tools to manage my thoughts on a day to day basis.”

“I have had so much help with the therapy. I feel like I will become the person I was before anxiety and worry changed me.”

“I felt empowered by my treatment. The knowledgeable therapeutic staff allowed me to make sense of my thoughts and feelings to move forward and improve”

“A very wonderful service. My therapist was able to really help me understand my worries and provide techniques to improve them.”

Relaxed young man in a therapy session.