Therapy resources

Please find below some resources we often use in therapy. If you would like information about organisations and websites that might be of help, please visit our Other resources page.

Wellbeing videos

Your Wellbeing Videos are a series of videos developed by TTS therapists. Each session includes a video PowerPoint presentation with voiceover by one of our therapists.

As well as a video about each topic, there are various activities and linked resources for you to explore. Our aim is for you to be able to actively engage with these materials and to take away goals and strategies that you can use.

Resources for New and Expectant Parents

Below you can find a series of videos that are of specific interest to parents who are expecting or who have recently had a baby. The videos were produced by The Baby Box University in collaboration with TTS.
What is anxiety and how do I know if I’m too anxious?
Can fathers experience postnatal depression?
How can I deal with negative thoughts?
Please find below recordings of several relaxation exercises, including mindfulness, breathing and muscle relaxation exercises. These can help with concentration, managing stress and relaxation.
Man looking at information on his mobile phone.

Behavioural activation booklets

Behavioural activation helps people to develop or get back into activities that are important to them. It involves planning activities and and looking at behaviours to see if behaviour change improves mood. Below are a series of booklets we have developed to support behavioural activation.

Audio: Relaxation, breathing and mindfulness